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Plumbing Accessories

plumbing accessoriesTo get the job done, your New York plumber needs the proper tools. Equipped with the most professional appliances, our expert team of plumbers can tackle any challenge. If you plan to confront your home plumbing problems yourself, there are some basic tools you can purchase to help you with your project.

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Plumbing Tools

Plumbing tools range from the most basic to the most sophisticated. Pipe cutters, wrenches, plungers, pliers and plumber's snake are common features in many households. Water leak detectors, pipeline cameras and various electronic locators are more technologically advanced appliances, guaranteed to help you overcome any plumbing predicament.

basic plumbing tools

Interested in adding more items to your plumbing tools kit?
Consult with your New York Plumbers before you make a purchase. For your convenience, many plumbing tools can be ordered online.

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Plumbing Accessories

Plenty of water-related disasters involve or derive from plumbing fixtures. Your fixtures are all comprised of plumbing accessories which you may be required to replace in order to allow your NYC plumber to fix the problem at hand. Traps, faucets, aerators, strainers, sink wastes and ground siphons for showers are all examples of plumbing accessories.

plumbing in new york

nyc plummingWhen buying accessories, remember that they are not only functional products, but can be highly aesthetical ones as well. Why not install a decorative chrome-finished toilet trap or a bronze-finished sink drain? Your home plumbing system can, and should, be pleasing to look at, and plumbing accessories can serve this purpose perfectly.

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