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Plumbing Costs Survey

It was one of those busy days at work, with the phones ringing off the hook. When this particular call came I was just about ready to put together another team of our expert plumbers to tackle whatever emergency was at hand. I was therefore extremely surprised when I heard who was on the other end: a rep from the website It seems this website, which, I, like many other professionals in the industry, am very well familiar with, is currently conducting a nationwide survey intended to help us, plumbing contractors, find out where we stand in terms of the rates we charge. Well, busy or not, I was not about to hang up on this call.

The courteous gentleman who phoned me read out a list of the various plumbing services we provide, and requested that I tell him what our prices are for each of the jobs, and whether we work according to fixed or hourly rates. I was more than happy to give him the information. The survey proved to be quite an eye opener, letting us know just how close we are to the national and state average plumbing costs. In our case, although our commercial services are slightly more expensive than the New York state price average, our residential plumbing rates are lower than both the local and national averages. All I can say to my fellow plumbers is don't think twice before picking up the phone, this is one survey you wouldn't want to miss!

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