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Basic Plumbing

Before you begin a plumbing project, it might be a good idea to learn some plumbing basics. Whether you're taking on the plumbing tasks yourself, or whether our expert New York plumbers are helping you out, familiarize yourself with your home plumbing system. Becoming acquainted with some fundamental plumbing facts may prove useful as you encounter various plumbing challenges.

Your Home Plumbing System

To begin with, find out how your plumbing system operates. Your home basically has two separate plumbing systems running through it, which together form one efficient mechanism. The first brings fresh water into your house through pipes. The second removes wastewater by means of the drainage system, which is comprised of various features, namely pipes, vents and the traps.

Plumbing Expert Tip

How can you prevent clogs? Place strainers in your tubs and showers for collecting debris. Clean the strainers regularly, and make sure the particles gathered in them do not fall into the drainpipes.

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Plumbing Basics

Whether embarking on a home improvement project or whether you are required to overcome a plumbing emergency, learn about the basic plumbing system components: Main water shutoff valve and fixture valves, water pipes, drainpipes and fixtures are all examples of essential plumbing elements, and must be in good working condition if your plumbing system is to function properly.

plumbing basics

plumbing toolsWhich tools should be used to repair pipes or toilets? Wrenches, augers and plumber's snakes are some examples of typical plumber utensils.

While a basic familiarity with your home plumbing system is highly recommended, embarking on a DIY plumbing project requires a more in-depth knowledge of the apparatus and its various components. Remember that even if you attempt to tackle your plumbing predicament yourself, you can always contact your expert NYC plumbers for any queries or problems that come up.

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