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What is a vent, and what is its contribution to the plumbing system?
Vents protrude from every roof. They basically emit sewer gases from your home, and are therefore crucial to your plumbing system. For liquid to go down a pipe, it must be followed by air. Without vent pipes, the drain liquid would suck the air from the traps on the plumbing fixtures, and the unpleasant outcome will be the diffusion of objectionable odors in your home.

How do you prevent root intrusion in the main sewer line?
It is highly recommended that you carry out preventive maintenance and clear out your drain about three times a year. Ask your plumbers whether there are any chemicals which can be put in the drain system in order to prevent the roots from growing.

Why is hot water sometimes rusty and brown?
There are various possible causes for this change in color:

  1. Various chemicals cause rust to enter the water lines. Due to a change in water pressure, the rust is carried to the various fixtures and appliances and comes out through them.
  2. The dark shade of the water may actually be dirt which enters the water supply as a result of a break in the pipe.
  3. Sediment from the water heater is carried to the fixtures.
  4. The glass lining in the water heater may in some way be damaged, thus causing the metal jacket to rust.
  5. If you are next to a well, iron bacteria may be growing in the water.

What is the difference between PVC and CPVC plastic pipe?
CPVC can be used on both hot and cold lines, while PVC is for cold water only. PVC is frequently used as a drainpipe.

What are the advantages of plastic supply lines?
Plastic supply lines are less expensive, do not corrode, will not bend, are more flexible and are non-toxic.

What steps should be taken in case of (partially) clogged kitchen drains?
To begin with, use a plunger. Next, use a liquid drain opener, but only after you've carefully read the instructions. You can also take out the trap and check whether that's the source of the clog. If it is not, drain augers extending to various lengths will allow you to reach the clogged area.

What is the function of an aerator on a faucet?
An aerator diffuses the water and thereby prevents splashing.

Why should traps be placed under sinks?
Traps to prevent unpleasant sewer gases from permeating the kitchen and bathrooms.

What is a fixture shutoff valve?
These valves are placed under or beside the toilet and sink, and shut off the water supply to these fixtures. The shutoff valves should be closed if a leak or a flooding stems from a specific sink or toilet.

What is a plumber's snake?
A plumber's snake is pushed down pipes in order to clean out clogs.

How do you eliminate garbage disposal odors and how can you ensure they do not return?
There are various steps you can take to get rid of foul garbage disposal odors:

  1. Plug the sink and fill it up almost entirely with hot water. While the water's running, add a cup or two of laundry bleach, along with a few drops of liquid dish soap.
  2. When the sink's almost full, pull the plug so it starts to drain, and turn on the disposal. The combination of hot water, soap and bleach should do the trick.
  3. Pour half a box of baking soda into the drain. Slowly add vinegar, and keep pouring until the foam settles. When it ceases to foam, turn on both the disposal and the hot water. Allow the disposal to work for about 1 minute, and the hot water to run for 5 or 10 minutes.
  4. Every once in a while put some pieces of citrus fruit in the disposal, and allow the hot water to run.
  5. Purchase garbage disposal cleaner, and use it once a month.
  6. Make sure you don't leave food in the disposal.

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