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Living in New York, you want your home plumbing system to be maintained and fixed by local experts. Our professional NYC plumbers are thoroughly familiar with the city's unique plumbing structure and with potential causes of plumbing disasters. More importantly, we provide the very best plumbing solutions for your particular predicament.

inspect home plumbingLeaks, flooding, a broken water pipe, or sink clogs – we tackle all plumbing challenges.
Contact us in any event of a plumbing emergency, and we'll offer you our expertise and best possible services.

But there's really no need to wait for an emergency. Your New York plumbing company can inspect your home plumbing system on a regular basis throughout the year, and protect you against any potential water-related disasters. In fact, the importance of routine plumbing maintenance work cannot be overstated. Periodic check-ups of your plumbing system by our professional staff will, in the long run, save you the costs and angst involved in any plumbing emergency.

Our services are provided in the following locations: Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Staten Island | Bronx.

  • In order to prevent possible clogs, we can clean all your drainpipes.
  • We can make sure your pipes are in proper working order by checking that they are not cracked or affected by root intrusion.
  • We'll have your pipes ready for those freezing New York winters by insulating them in advance.
  • We'll be happy to show you where all shutoff valves are located and guide you through the steps that should be taken during a plumbing emergency.

New York State Plumbing Code

tpfYour plumber's work is dictated by official state and federal codes. Plumbers in New York operate according to the New York State Plumbing Code.
Topics such as proper pipe diameter, the correct location of shutoff valves and use of suitable plumbing materials are all specified in the Plumbing Code, and your New York plumber is obligated to follow them. The Plumbing Foundation City of New York and The Association of Contracting Plumbers of the City of New York, Inc., are examples of local associations joining together numerous New York based plumbing contractors and plumbing companies, all dedicated to upholding safe and proper plumbing codes and regulations.

Contact New York Plumber and find out more about us, our services and our special offers.

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