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Sewer Line

The large-diameter pipes running parallel to the water supply lines inside every building comprise the drain, waste, vent - or DWV - system. The wastewater carried out of the house reaches the main sewer line which, in turn, carries it to a sewage facility or a septic tank.

PVC liningAs all drain and waste pipes slant downwards, it is, in fact, gravity which pulls waste in the direction of the sewer line. The downward tilting sewer line is also guided by gravity as it makes its way towards the sewage or septic tank,

The main sewer line may be subject to leaks and clogs, which are both characterized by unpleasant odors. Chances of leaks are diminished if PVC lining is installed within the sewer line. Common sewer problems include:

Tree Root Invasion

root intrusionRoots relish water, and for that reason tend to grow towards moist sources such as underground sewer pipelines. Spreading roots of trees split and fill up sewer pipelines with hirsute roots trapping waste matter transported inside. Ultimately masses of debris and roots fill up sewer pipelines and prevent sewage from streaming towards the central sewage treatment facility. For that reason sewage will switch ends and backwash into structures.

Blocked sewer lines may be the outcome of root intrusion. To solve the problem, first try flushing out the obtrusion with a garden hose. If the problem persists, ask a professional plumber to help you out with a strong power auger. Chemical solutions like copper sulfate may prevent the roots from growing back, but it is recommended that you consult your plumber before placing it inside the sewer line.

Sewer Backflows

Incorrect flushing of wet wipes, nappies, sanitation products and more in W.Cs generate stubborn clogs in central sewer pipelines. Rather than streaming in 1 direction from residence to sanitary sewer and main, where the clog settles sewage will switch direction and backwash into residences. Sewer backwashes are unpleasant and pollute residences with waste matter.

Sewer Gas Smells

Traps inside drains include water plugs that stop unpleasant gas stenches from penetrating residences. Sewer gas smells penetrate residences via drains without water plugs. Water seal evaporation usually occurs in ground drains not used frequently. Dispensing one gallon of water through a drain will restore the seal of water and solve the problem of interior sewer stenches.

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