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Leak Detection

Dripping faucets, burst pipes, running toilets, and leaky tanks – are all common plumbing problems that leak out gallons of water. In addition to wasting water, leaks also inflate water bills, and extensively damage ceilings, floors and walls of buildings. Plumber New York offers leak detection services to stop leaks fast and cut down on water and money loss.

Some Facts on Plumbing Leaks
-About 1 in every 318 homes is leaking.
-Approximately 1 in every 20 pools leaks. A pool leak wastes about 1000 gallons of water per day.
-Pinhead leak wastes 360,000 gallons of water per year, equivalent to 12,000 bathtubs full of water.
-Toilet leaks can waste 90,000 gallons of water monthly, and add $500 to water bills.
-A 1/8" pipe hole leaks 2500 gallons of water in 24 hours.
-A dripping faucet or a leaky hose wastes per month up to 180 gallons of water, and 2,160 gallons per year.

Causes of Leaks
Inferior workmanship and inadequate construction of piping and fittings significantly increase chances for residential and commercial leaks. Poor plumbing maintenance of pipes, drains, toilets, sinks, showers and other plumbing fixtures eventually leads to different types of leaks. Corrosion, weak pipes, worn out valves and a variety of mechanical problems are all accountable for leaks in plumbing systems.

Signs of Common Leaks, Slab Leaks and Pool Leaks
Leaks issue warning signs that we can pick up easily if we make it a point to regularly survey our homes and offices for the signs and symptoms of water escape. Early leak detection can save us money and costly damages and conserve on scarce water. Become a water conscious consumer by paying attention to the following red flags of plumbing leaks:

-Fractured or uncommonly moist concrete, foundation, or slab
-Unusual high water bills
-Dripping faucets, shower heads and running toilets
-A release of musty odors from drains, sewers and floors.
-Excessive dampness under carpets
-Continual sewer backups
-Mildew growth
-Clammy or discolored walls
-Sound of running water
-Changing water meter readings when no water is used

As the above statistics demonstrate, pool leaks commonly occur. Detect pool or spa leaks with the following warning signs:

-loose or failing tiles
-Pool caved into ground
-Cracked pool shell or concrete deck
-water puddles, wet spots, odd grass growth
-Continual water discharge from automatic filler
-A lose of 1/8" of water or more in 24 hours
-Algae growth after chemical treatment

When in doubt just call out to NY plumbers and verify if your home, pool or spa is leaking. Early leak detection will help save on money that will be otherwise invested in repairing water related damages. Moreover, in an age that water is depleting fast from the world – leak detection will help you save on scarce water.

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