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Slab Leaks

Slab leaks refer to water leaks of plumbing pipes installed in or under the slab concrete foundation of a home. Under particular conditions slab pipes leak out water and cause expensive structural damage. Hidden from view, leaky underground pipes are not always detectable unless homeowners recognize the five, most common slab leak symptoms. For their destructive nature, slab water leaks necessitate early detection before serious damage occurs.

Property owners ought to watch-out for the following symptoms of water leaks under concrete slab: high water bills, sound of running water when no water is used, excessive moisture under carpets, hot spots on floors or cracks on floors and walls.
If your home displays the above symptoms, act quickly and hire plumber New York for slab leak detection and repair.

Slab leaks occur under certain conditions such as kinked piping, improper installation of pipes and fittings, friction, electrolysis or incompatible soil triggering a chemical reaction that wears away the copper piping. Rusty pipes are more susceptible to leak out water.

Breaking the slab concrete foundation to find the watery source is unacceptable. Slab leak detection equipment is used by NY plumbers to locate the origin of the water leak in a non destructive manner. Once detected, your slab leak repair options are replacing the leaking section of the pipe or repiping the entire line. Slab leaks can also occur because of electrolysis – that is when different metal kinds come into contact and the electric current flowing through develops pinhole water leaks in the copper pipes. In-place-epoxy coating can be used to repair the holes without digging up the actual slab concrete.

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