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Water Meter

The water meter is a wonderful instrument to help you become a water wise user. Learn in what way to inspect the water meter and track water usage.

The water meter is situated outside the property in a lidded box alongside with a consumer-valve and a curb-stop. Public water suppliers regulate the curb-stop whereas proprietors turn on or shut water supply to their property with the consumer-valve. The face of the water meter is made of a meter-register, leak detector and a sweep handle. The meter-register is made of black and white numbers recording water transported inside. The leak detector is a star or triangle wrought instrument that spins to represent water usage.

Your water meter is a wonderful instrument to use for leak detection. Unusually high register digits represent water wastage. Provided that you take regular readings of the water meter, you might identify hidden leaks rapidly and conserve lots of water that otherwise simply go down the drain. High water costs, ongoing noise of running water when water is turned off, hot spots on floors or fractured walls represent water leaks in or around your property.

Verify or rule out the odds of water leaks with the water meter test. Record the numbers shown on your meter-register. Wait overnight before using water. This means not showering, flushing toilets, turning on faucets, running washing machines or operating dishwashers. The next morning reread your water meter. Higher register digits represent water seepage in or around your property.

Take action fast in a situation of water leak. Phone New York Plumber to repair the leaky origin or change a faulty plumbing unit before serious water related ruin occurs in your property.

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