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Piping & Fittings

Piping and fittings constitute the foundation of your plumbing system. Leading to and from fixtures, pipes carry fresh water into your house and remove wastewater away from it. Fittings not only join pipes together, but turn corners, branch out in several directions and even enlarge or diminish the size of the pipe, all in accordance with the specific needs and conditions of the building.

pipe fittingWhether required to repair, replace or install new lines, your New York plumber can skillfully solve any pipe or fitting related problem. Some tasks can easily be undertaken as do-it-yourself home plumbing projects, which your plumber will be happy to assist you with.

Plumbing Expert Tip

Your NYC plumbers can clean your drainpipes on a regular basis, and eliminate any particles or items that are liable to create clogs.

Pipe and Fitting Features

water supply linesWater supply lines are usually made up of copper or plastic, and are typically 3 mm, 2 cm or 2.5 cm in diameter. Whereas rigid copper is durable, sturdy and withstands mineral accumulation, plastic is reasonably priced, simple to install and resistant to corrosion. sewage linesPipes with a diameter ranging from 4 cm to 10 cm are normally used as sewage lines, and are made up of either cast iron or plastic, although the latter is the more popular choice.

Fittings are comprised of either plastic or brass. The type of fitting used depends on the pipe material. The correct combination between pipe and fitting materials ensures that both features are properly sealed, and that their metal types do not create a problematic reaction.

Leaking Pipes

Our leak and pipe locating services are provided in the following locations: Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Staten Island | Bronx.

temporary solution for leaking pipesThere are a few characteristic pipe related problems which may affect your plumbing system.
If your pipes leaks, you can simply take out the leaking section and replace it with a new section. Doing this, you may experience some difficulties in terms of the pipe attachment to the fitting, and you may consider asking your New York plumber to help you out with this particular plumbing work.
Alternatively, you can also wrap waterproof tape over the leaking section, and thus provide a temporary solution to the problem.

Sweating Pipes

insulate the pipe with self adhesive tapeAn additional predicament you may encounter is pipe sweating. When the water inside the pipe is considerably colder than the humid air outside, you'll find that drops of moisture have formed on the pipe. To control this problem, you can insulate the pipe with self-adhesive tape. Wipe the pipes before placing the tape, and make sure it securely covers both the pipe and the fittings.

Plumbing Expert Tip

Ask your New York plumber to check your water supply pipes and drainpipes. Broken or damaged pipes could culminate in leaks or flooding.

Prepare Your pipes for Winter

heat cablesCold New York winters can cause your pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes may at some point break and cause leaks and flooding. To prevent this situation, insulate your pipes in advance. You can also wrap your pipes with heat tape or heat cables. Electrically operated, these items function as a constant source of heat, ensuring your pipes do not freeze.

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