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Replace & Install

Plumbing problems often require the replacement of existing plumbing parts and the installation of new ones. Your New York plumbing company can help you out with either of these tasks, and with much more. However, perhaps contrary to popular belief, plumbing work is not beyond your ability. With the right tools, knowledge and proper guidance – you too can easily master the principles of your home plumbing system.

Don't Forget the Plumbing Code

plumbing codeReplacing and installing new pipes and fixtures requires proper skill and care. Any task you undertake should be conducted both cautiously and accurately.
Remember that any plumbing project you carry out should comply with the official New York State plumbing code.

Ask your New York plumber about the necessary code regulations.

The Right Tool for the Job

Our services are provided in the following locations: Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Staten Island | Bronx.

Before performing any replacement and installation modifications, you should be properly prepared. Whether replacing pipes and fittings or installing new fixtures like sinks or toilets, make sure you have the right plumbing tools for the job at hand.
plier, pipe cutter and wrench

Taking Measurements

measurementsRemember to take accurate measurements of the items you intend to replace. If you're not only installing new fixtures, but are also planning to move them around in their designated space – be it kitchen or bathroom - you must know the precise size of the room. Measurements are particularly important if you're ordering your replacement parts online.

Pipe & Fittings Materials

Metal, plastic, copper or iron – pipes and fittings come in various materials. Determining the type of the material often depends on the function of the specific item - whether water supply or sewage lines. Find out which materials best serve your purpose before making the replacement.

pipe and fittings materials

Contact your New York plumber for any plumbing information, guidance or tips. We'll help you get the job done.

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