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Water Heating & Cooling Systems

water linesHave you ever wanted to take a warm shower on an exceedingly chilly day, but sadly realized that there's no hot water? And have you ever turned on your kitchen faucet with the intention of getting some cold water to quench your thirst, only to be scalded by the flow of hot water?
Hot and cold water make up our domestic water system. The water is carried via supply lines to all relevant fixtures and appliances. But how exactly does it work? How is the separation between cold and hot water maintained?

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Cold Water Supply

under sink drinking water filtercold water supplyWater coming in from the main supply is already set to meet your cold water needs. The water enters your house directly from the municipal water system via a high-pressure pipe, and is carried through the water lines to your various fixtures and appliances. Significant amounts of cold water, for instance, are used by toilets. Since much of the cold water is intended for drinking, filter or water softener appliances may be included in the water supply system. To further ensure that your drinking water system is contaminant-free, you can install water filters beneath your sinks.

Your Water Heater

hot water supplyWater is heated within your water heater. Whether operated by electricity, oil & gas heating devices, the water heater is comprised of a heavy inner steel tank which can hold about 40 to 60 gallons of water. A pipe carrying cold water from the main water supply enters the tank.

water diagramThe electric heating elements within the tank gradually heat the water. It is generally recommended that temperatures in home water heaters range between 120 to 140 degrees F (49 to 60 C). A thermostat allows you to control the water temperature at all times.

An outgoing pipe, or several pipes, carries the heated water from the heater to all relevant fixtures and appliances. A drain valve located at the base of the heater is used for draining the tank or for clearing away sediment. As a helpful preventive maintenance measure, it is recommended that you drain the tank once or twice a year.

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