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Plumbing Terminology

    absABSAbbreviation for Aristocraft Bristone Styrine. A firm black plastic piping utilized for waste, vent and drain lines.

  1. access panelAccess PanelA hole in the wall or ceiling next to a fixture, enabling access to the plumbing or electrical systems.
  2. adaptorAdaptorA feature which joins together different types of pipes.
  3. aeratorAeratorA feature located at the end of a faucet designed to mix air and water and thereby enable a smooth, splash-free flow.
  4. angle stopAngle StopA shutoff valve positioned between the water pipes and the faucet or toilet. Angling up at 90 degrees at its outlet next to the fixtures, this stop is supposed to be turned off in case of an emergency.
  5. backflowBackflowLiquid flowing in the opposite direction of its intended flow, backing into the main water supply, rather than advancing towards its designated outlet.
  6. backflow preventerBackflow PreventerA mechanism intended to stop backflow.
  7. ballcockBallcockA mechanism controlling the flow of water from the water supply pipe to the toilet. This apparatus is operated by a float within the tank water. Once the water is flushed, the float drops and opens the ballcock, thereby releasing water into the tank. When the tank is once again full, the float ascends and turns off the ballcock.
  8. ClarityThe level of water clearness.
  9. closet augerCloset AugerA flexible bar with a curved top part, used for clearing up clogs within the toilet trap.
  10. CockSee Ballcock.
  11. couplingCouplingA fitting that connects two pieces of pipes or other fittings.
  12. diverterDiverterUsed in showers, bathtubs, bidets and sinks, these valves direct water to several openings.
  13. drainDrainThe pipe or channel system designed to draw away liquids.
  14. DWVAbbreviation for Drain, Waste and Vent – the three elements comprising the plumbing drainage system.
  15. elbowElbowA pipe fitting that has two openings which can alter the direction of the line. Comes in a wide range of angles.
  16. fittingFemale FittingA fitting inside which another fitting is placed.
  17. FittingA broad expression, usually relating to faucets, shower valves or to different piping features.
  18. FixtureA general term, alluding to toilets, sinks, tubs, etc. Any device to which fresh water arrives, and from which waste water is removed.
  19. flapper valveFlapper ValveThe device situated at the bottom of the toilet tank, which, when open, allows water to flow from the tank into the bowl.
  20. flushometerFlushometerA toilet valve that closes automatically after allowing a regulated amount of water flow.
  21. gallons per flushGPFGallons Per Flush. Measurement unit, indicating flow rates of toilets.
  22. gallons per minuteGPMGallons Per Minute. Measurement unit, indicating flow rates of faucets and showerheads.
  23. hot water mainHot Water MainPrincipal pipe carrying hot water to the various fixtures in the house.
  24. idIDAbbreviation for Inside Diameter –Diameter measurement, calculated from the inside of a pipe.
  25. ipsIPSAbbreviation for Iron Pipe Size – Standard pipe threading measurement system, based on the outside diameter of a pipe.
  26. lidLidThe removable toilet tank cover.
  27. LeadsMill - LeadsMill is a leads referral service operating in various fields, and deliver to our company plumbing leads.
  28. MainThe main channel of a plumbing system, in which all water supply and drain system branches connect.
  29. manifoldManifoldA fitting which constitutes a distribution point, connecting several branches to the main.
  30. mixing valveMixing ValveA faucet valve which mixes hot and cold water thus obtaining the desired water temperature.
  31. nippleNippleA short threaded pipe, placed between couplings or other fittings. A means for extending connections.
  32. pipe wrenchPipe WrenchComprised of two serrated jaws, one of which is adjustable, this tool is used for holding and turning pipes.
  33. plumber's puttyPlumber's PuttyA popular tool, used for sealing joints between pipes and fixture surfaces.
  34. Plumbing CodeLegal requirements guiding the plumber's work.
  35. Plumbing leads Are hints for plumbing jobs required. Those hints can be delivered by someone or som organization. We get our leads from an app called "LeadsMill"
  36. plungerPlungerA tool designed to clear up clogged drains and toilet traps by means of air and pressure.
  37. pvcPVCPolyvinyl Chloride – A rigid white plastic, used for manufacturing water supply pipes.
  38. riserRiserVertical pipe carrying water to a fixture.
  39. shutoff valveShutoff ValveUsually referring to the angle stops situated under fixtures, but also to the branch line valves and to the main valve adjacent to the water meter. Shutoff valves should be turned off in case of emergencies.
  40. sleeveSleeveA pipe which passes through a wall in order to have another pipe inserted through it.
  41. strainerStrainerA device placed in sinks and bathtubs, designed to retain solid pieces while allowing liquid to pass through.
  42. supply linesSupply LinesThe pipes carrying water to a fixture.
  43. trapTrapThe curved section of the drainpipe attached to every fixture, which prevents sewer gases and unpleasant odors from permeating the atmosphere. With the exception of toilets, all fixtures with drains have "P" traps installed. A toilet has an "S" trap installed instead.
  44. valveValveMechanism that regulates the flow of liquid or gas to or from a pipe.
  45. ventVentProtruding from the roof, vents admit air into the drainpipes, thereby ensuring the proper flow of wastewater.

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