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Leaking Faucets

Do you hear drip, dip, drip in your NY home? Leaking faucets are encountered by all of us in our homes and offices, more often than we can keep track of. Hard use wears out faucets and causes them to leak out drops of water when turned off. Because leaky faucets are not considered serious plumbing problems, many people tend to ignore the drip, drip sound that faulty faucets make. Dripping faucets that are not fixed are big water and money wasters. A runny faucet wastes approximately 7 gallons of water per day and more than 2500 gallons per year. New York Plumber provides affordable repair to leaking faucets in NYC, so you can save on scarce water and avoid high water bills.

Knowing which faucet you have will help you apply the right leak detection and repair should you hear drip, drip, drip in your bathroom or kitchen. Faucets come in four main types, as Plumber New York illustrates below:

Compression Faucets
This type of faucet comes with two handles for hot and cold water supply. Each handle is equipped with a valve that lets through water when turned on. The valve stops water flow by compressing a rubber washer (also known as a seat washer) located on the valve's base. Dripping compression faucets are usually caused by faulty washers that cannot be fully compressed by valves to stop water flow.

Cartridge Faucet
Also known as a washerless faucet for lacking a rubber washer present in compression types. Cartridge faucets are equipped with one or two handles, and a cartridge feature that regulates water flow. One handle types move up and down to adjust water flow, and left and right to control temperature. Two handled units operate similar to compression faucets but stop water flow without compressing washers.

Ball Faucet
Another type of a washerless faucet, a ball unit has a single handle attached to a round base with inside chambers to regulate and mix cold and hot water supply.

Ceramic Disc
A washerless type faucet of cylindrical form and a single handle. This faucet contains ceramic discs that slide over each other to regulate water flow and temperature.

Whether calling over NY plumber or applying a do-it-yourself repair to the leaky source, always start by closing the water supply to the faulty faucet in order to stop unnecessary water beads falling down the drain.

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