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Common Plumbing Problems

While your plumbing system was originally meant to provide you comfort, its problems can quickly take you out of your comfort zone. Many of these plumbing problems can be dealt with simply by repairing, replacing, or installing various plumbing parts, but properly identifying these problems and applying the necessary solutions may not be that easy to do, especially if you know nothing about do-it-yourself plumbing.

Fortunately, you don't have to take on the challenge alone. No matter what your plumbing problems are, you can depend on licensed NYC plumbers to offer you effective solutions. We at New York Plumber can assure you that your plumbing system will continue to offer you comfort, not deny you of it. Listed below are several examples of the plumbing problems we can help you with.

Common Toilet problems

  • If you have a noisy toilet, you'll likely hear abrasive sounds soon after you flush, as your tank fills up with water. It's possible that the mere repair or replacement of your toilet's fill valve will fix this problem, since the part may well be the source of the unbearable toilet noise.
  • A running toilet is also a typical dilemma, one which can waste up to 200 gallons of water in a 24-hour span. If your toilet is running, your fill valve may also be making some noise, but it's not the root of the problem. This valve is only doing its job by filling your tank, but it can't, probably because your flapper is failing to do its job. A defective flapper can make your toilet leak continuously, and either lead to bathroom flooding or non-stop flushing.
  • Yet another problem you may encounter is unpleasant toilet odor. If your toilet stench smells like sewage, then you can be sure that it's not just there because someone forgot to flush. Your smelly toilet may be a result of an opening in your pipes, a defective wax ring, or not having enough water in your bowl. The solutions for this problem range from simple maintenance to full-scale toilet replacement.
  • Of all potential toilet problems, a backed up toilet may be the worst you can possibly have. Toilet clogs are caused by a build-up of waste in the pipes, and require thorough pipe cleaning. If you're faced with a clogged toilet, fix the problem immediately, if not sooner. Otherwise your toilet won't flush, and you may even experience bathroom flooding.

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Common Shower problems

  • A clogged showerhead, which is caused by an accumulation of mineral deposits, will considerably limit your water flow. To regain the full function of your showerhead, the deposits must either be removed or dissolved.
  • Shower leaks are also common problems. If you have a leaking shower, one or more of your shower's parts may be defective. Naturally, you'll either have to repair or replace your dripping shower's parts to stop the leak.
  • Your shower may also suffer from temperature fluctuations. These are instances when your shower's water temperature (and at times, water pressure) changes abruptly when another plumbing fixture is used in your house. Possible causes for this problem include rusty pipes and a low water supply, among many others. The most practical solution to this problem is the installation of new plumbing parts following a thorough inspection of your plumbing system.

Common Bathtub Problems

  • If you're dealing with foul odors from your drain, then you must have a problem with your trap, the section of the pipe that keeps the smell of sewage from your home. You may have a dry trap as a result of infrequent tub use, or a serious trap leak. Your foul dilemma can be solved either by pouring water down your tub drain more often, or having your broken trap repaired or replaced.
  • If it's a clogged drain you're having trouble with, then the accumulation of hair, dirt, and other deposits in your bathtub drain must have made it nearly impossible for water to seep through. Your blocked drain can be remedied by using appropriate plumbing tools to clear the clog.

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Common Sink problems

  • You definitely have a problem if turning on your sink taps leads to reduced water flow or temperature fluctuations throughout the house. Faulty aerators, rotting pipes (either cold water pipes, hot water pipes, or both), or various other defective plumbing parts are likely to blame for this problem, so repair and replacement may be necessary.
  • Your sink taps may have limited water flow, or poor water pressure compared to the other fixtures in your house. This dilemma can be caused by anything from rusty pipes to mistakes in sink installation.
  • As with bathtubs, smelly drains may also be a problem with your sinks. And as with bathtubs, a dry or cracked trap is the likely culprit.
  • It's not unusual to have a clogged sink, either. If your sink is clogged, its drain is either rusted or stuffed with various waste, and needs to be cleaned as soon as possible.

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Common Kitchen Plumbing Fixture problems

Though it doesn't have nearly as many as your bathroom does, your kitchen has its fair share of plumbing fixtures and problems as well. Pipe leaks, sink stoppages, offensive drain odors, and weak water pressure are problems that can all occur in the kitchen, and that share similar solutions to the plumbing problems that take place in the bathroom.
garbage disposal problems are also very common.

Common Water Heater problems

  • Do you always run out of hot water? This problem may be caused by sediment build up. Mineral deposits in water heaters are a direct result of irregular maintenance checks, so it's possible you haven't been draining your water heater consistently, if at all. Your best bet at fixing this problem is to do away with the build up of calcium and other minerals by draining your water heater. If the sediment build up is too thick for you to drain, ask for professional assistance and be prepared for heater repair or replacement.
  • However, sediment build up isn't the only possible reason you may be running out of hot water. There may be something wrong with the parts of your water heater. If you have a defective dip tube, for example, cold water may mix with your hot water before it gets to you. Dip tube problems like rust or wear and tear can easily affect the amount of hot water available to you. Of course, it's also possible for you to run out of hot water by using it up faster than your heater can supply it.
  • Water heater leaks, another common problem, can be caused by the accumulation of mineral deposits or defective plumbing parts, such as faulty drain valves. Leaky valves may even be the result of sediment build up, as excessive mineral deposits in your water heater can make your heater work hard enough for its parts to sustain damage.
  • Noise is also a common water heater problem. If you have a noisy water heater, you can again blame sediment build up, defective plumbing parts, or even improper installation. Water heater noise can also result from setting the temperature too high.

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Other Common Problems

  • Pipe noise is a problem that plagues a lot of houses, and it's possible for it to hit yours too. The noise is called water hammer, and it has a variety of causes, including pump failure and sudden valve closure. Of the two, the latter is more common. The speed in which valves are shut off can create water pressure strong enough to reverberate loudly in water pipe lines.
  • Water hammer can wreak havoc on your pipes as well as your ears, so if your plumbing system has it, you should address the problem right away. Using hammer arrestors or valves that close slowly may eliminate the noise from your pipes.
  • Another run-of-the-mill plumbing problem is dirty water. If you're dealing with brown water or any kind of colored water, your pipes may be filled with harmful minerals, rust, or dirt. This problem obviously requires an immediate solution, which you should let professionals provide.
  • Burst pipes are common problems that often turn out to be plumbing emergencies. You may experience pipe bursts during cold spells, when the water in your pipes freezes and expands. These problems can be prevented by insulating your pipes, but when they occur, don't hesitate to ask for expert aid.

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The above only make up a few of the plumbing problems we at New York Plumber can fix swiftly, effectively, and at an affordable price. Contact us for more information or call 888-317-4264.

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